How we stifle our children to keep them safe

Before I had children, I often thought about what it would be like to be a parent, and how much I would teach them. I never really stopped to think about how much they would teach me. The first surprise was discovering they were their own people, not miniature versions of us. We could never … Continue reading

Mother’s Day in the post-apocalyptic post-Mum era

I know I won’t be the only person missing their mum (or indeed my mum) this Mother’s Day. In fact, I remember telling her how lucky I was to have two parents… only for her to die five days later. Well, they do say pride comes before a fall. Mum never was one to make … Continue reading

You Know You’re a Mum When…

Thanks to Christine Mosler for posing this meme on her blog.   [tweetmeme source= “catherineosborn” only_single=false] You know you’re a mum when: The attic is full of reminders of your former life – ornaments, skinny tops and books. The 10 o’clock news is on too late to watch. A night out with the one you love … Continue reading