Deerton Natural Burial Ground

Last week, I took a day-trip to Kent to sort out Mum’s probate and, after a lovely lunch in Hernhill, paid a visit to Deerton Natural Burial Ground with my dad and brother.  

It was a really pleasant surprise to see how much it has changed in the few weeks since we were last there – now there are poppies, thistles, wild flowers, knee-high grass, butterflies and insects.  

The only downside is that the rabbits no longer consider Mum’s grave to be a high enough vantage point; judging by the lack of fresh droppings, clearly haven’t paid a visit for a while!  



When I got back home, I decided to make my first attempt at a panorama (click on the photo to see it full-sized). After trying to stitch the photos together myself, I discovered that Windows Live Photo Gallery does it all for you and it is already installed on my PC! It even smooths out the changes in colour that you see in the separate pictures.  



Originally, I just posted the panorama to my blog so that my friends and family can see it but it has generated quite a lot of interest, hence the addition of extra photos! Natural burial is such a good idea, if you are interested in finding out more, please take a look at the following links:  

Please feel free to suggest more.

2 Responses to “Deerton Natural Burial Ground”
  1. James Leedam says:

    A wonderful thing about natural burial grounds is that you notice small things – new flowers, the habits of animals, and the changes that come with changing weather and seasons. We have recently taken a crop of hay from our Cardiff & The Vale farmland burial ground, and that has taken on a new smart look now that the tall swaying grasses have been bailed. We have two burial grounds in the North of Scotland where we have planted new woodland areas to form glades where the burials take place. I don’t get up there frequently and so it’s a real treat to see the new growth and changing nature of the sites.
    I was talking to a gathering of Cruse bereavement helpers last night and many were hearing of natural burial for the first time, and thought it sounded “so safe and peaceful” compared to the disturbance and hubbub of the cemetery.
    So many thanks from us for spreading the word – Deerton looks wonderful

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